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Nothing says iconic like the London Eye. Standing tall on the south bank of the River Thames, it's whisked over 70 million people into London's iconic skyline. From first dates and couples saying '_Eye_ do', to school trips, DJ sets, Hollywood royalty, sports royalty, and actual royalty, these capsules have seen it all. With more visitors than the Pyramids of Giza and the Taj Mahal, the lines can be long. So, be smart and fast-track your way to the front with these handy London Eye tickets! Note, the time slot printed on your ticket is the time you join the line to enter/get fast-track entry where applicable

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  • Fast Track admission to the London Eye

  • Admission to Eye Lounge

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  • Skip the line

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London Eye Ticket

With your London Eye Ticket Discover London from the top of the British capital’s most famous attraction. And treat yourself to a gentle thrill as you take in the city from one of its finest vantage points. With these tickets for the London Ferris Wheel, enjoy a moment of peace and quiet and let yourself be swept off your feet aboard the London Eye!

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Discover the symbol of a London in motion

Located on the south bank of the River Thames, opposite Big Ben and just a hundred metres from Waterloo station, the London Eye is a major tourist attraction in the English capital. Rising 135 metres into the air, this monumental attraction was designed for the Year 2000 celebrations, which is why it was originally called the Millennium Wheel.

Now the tallest panoramic Ferris wheel in Europe, it welcomes millions of visitors every year, who are captivated by the 360° view over the city of London.

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The London Eye, a recent history with some colourful anecdotes


The London Eye’s construction may be recent, but the story of how it was put together is no less memorable. The London Eye is first and foremost a European adventure, far removed from the preoccupations of the “Brexiteers”! Its materials were manufactured in every corner of the old continent: the cables came from Italy, the bearings from Germany, the hubs from the Czech Republic and the gondolas from France. And the steel for the structure was supplied by the United Kingdom and then cast in the Netherlands. All these components were then transported on barges along the Thames and assembled flat on the riverbank, a stone’s throw from where the Ferris wheel was to be erected.


Assembling the Ferris wheel vertically caused the engineers to break out in a cold sweat. It took several weeks for the wheel to be stabilised in its final position.
Today, some credit it with reviving the construction of gigantic wheels around the world.

The London Eye, a gentle attraction for all ages ..

London Eye speed

Roller coasters and other thrill rides not your cup of tea? Great! Buy your London Eye tickets now: the London Eye is for you! This Ferris wheel spins at the insane speed of … 26 centimetres per second or 0.9 kilometres per hour! In other words, very slowly. So much so that visitors can get in and out of the gondolas without the wheel stopping. A smooth rotation, we tell you! The entire ascent takes around 30 minutes.

Are you afraid of heights? Don’t panic!

If you’re usually afraid of heights, don’t worry here either: the 32 capsules – which are fully enclosed, heated or air-conditioned depending on the season, and of course watertight – have a bench in the middle of the cabin. Sitting on it, you won’t feel the 135-metre height at the wheel’s highest point. Inside, your children will be free to get up and walk around as they please, in complete safety.

London Eye, a Ferris wheel accessible to all!

Unlike many other London landmarks, the London Eye is fully accessible to wheelchairs. However, they must be no more than 94cm wide. It is nevertheless advisable to book a time slot in advance for wheelchair users: for safety reasons, the attraction limits boarding to two wheelchair users per gondola, and eight in all on the London Eye.

Private capsules for the London Eye

Bachelorette parties, stag parties, big birthday celebrations or important events to be immortalised: whatever the occasion, you can hire and privatise a cabin. The only constraint: a maximum of 25 people in the capsule! Book your London Eye ticket now!

Who should visit the London Eye?

A visit to the London Eye is undoubtedly the most popular attraction of all. Ideal for families with young children, but also with teenagers who are used to dragging their feet to visit museums, fun for couples, super adapted for the elderly or people with reduced mobility, boarding the Ferris wheel is the guarantee of a successful day out for everyone! And to make the experience even better, don’t forget to buy your skip-the-line tickets.

Are you superstitious?

Well, if you’re superstitious, once again the British have thought of everything! There are no cabins bearing the number 13!

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What you’ll see from up there with your London Eye ticket

On the way up

Boarding one of the London Eye’s gondolas promises a journey through breathtaking scenery. Landscapes that change constantly as you ascend and descend. You’ll first catch a glimpse of the Palace of Westminster and the River Thames beneath your feet. Then you’ll overlook all the iconic monuments of London: Big Ben, the Palace of Westminster, Buckingham Palace, the Tower of London and its White Tower, and the green dome of Madame Tussaud’s Museum. Perfect for your Instagram posts!

View from the top of the London Eye

Not forgetting, of course, a 360° panoramic view of all the skyscrapers that make up the capital’s splendid skyline: the Shard, London’s tallest building at 306 metres, as well as the iconic silhouettes of the City, the business district, with Tower 42 and 30 St Mary Axe. And if you’re lucky and the sky is clear, you might even catch a glimpse of Windsor Castle, just 40km away.

When to board the London Eye

How busy is the London Eye?

Once you’ve got your London Eye express tickets in hand, it’s worth bearing in mind that the biggest crowds to ride the Ferris wheel are at weekends and during school holidays (Christmas, Easter, summer and half-term in the UK). We therefore recommend that you book your visit in advance. there is a maximum capacity of 25 people per capsule.

Best time to board

The best time to board the London Eye is early in the morning, as soon as the attraction opens, i.e. in winter at 11am and in summer at 10am (ticket offices open 30 minutes earlier).

Practical details:

If you’re hoping to drink a toast at the top of the London Eye, you’re allowed to bring bottled water and a small cold snack. However, forget the alcohol … you risk having to leave your precious beverage on the ground ..

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More information about the London Eye?

The London Eye, a Ferris wheel with many names

When you were doing your research, you may have noticed that the London Eye had different names: The London Eye, The Coca-Cola London Eye, The EDF-Energy London Eye, and so on. Strange? A bit, we agree. But the reason is simple: the attraction changes name according to its sponsors..

A monument now famous and popular in British hearts

In the UK today, many people regard the London Eye as one of the capital’s modern architectural icons. Like the Eiffel Tower in Paris and the Burj Khalifa in Dubai, this Ferris wheel has been part of the London postcard for over two decades. It allows everyone, whatever their social class, to soar above the capital and admire it.

A few details to help you shine during your visit

Although commonly referred to as a “Ferris wheel”, the London Eye is actually a “cantilevered observation wheel”. Cantilevering, in this type of metal structure, means that the whole structure is anchored to the ground by an A-frame on one side only. As a result of its special architecture, the London Eye is considered to be the “tallest cantilevered observation wheel in the world”. A rather pompous title, but one that makes the British people proud!

Originally, the London Eye was due to be dismantled after five years of operation. But its enduring popularity has allowed it to be maintained and even improved. A decorative LED lighting system has been installed to make the wheel more visible and more festive as night falls.

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